Superstar Musicians and Gaza children’s choir sing for peace on ‘2 Unite All’ benefit album

Philip Lawrence of Bruno Mars premiered his new song “Begin Again” for the 2 Unite All Vols. 1 & 2 album which features 30 major musicians including: Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, Thomas Bergersen, Stewart Copeland, Ricky Kej, Gary Nicholson and Gaza Children choir deliver songs for healing and peace for Gaza, Palestine and Middle East peace.
NCCR Gaza Childrens Choir
NCCR Gaza Childrens Choir

LOS ANGELES – April 28, 2016 – PRLog — Philip Lawrence performed his new song “Begin Again” at Hollywood’s, The Study, before a packed crowd. Lawrence was accompanied by Davy Nathan on keyboard who co-wrote the song with Philip.  The evening also included inspiring performances by famed Sufi Singer Sussan Deyhim, renown organist Christoph Bull and composer Fritz Heede, who are also featured on the 2 Unite All album.

Philip joins a diverse group of grammy winners, famed musicians and a children’s choir from Gaza who came together in an ambitious humanitarian and music project inspired by the story of “Shymaa” a 4 year old girl injured in an attack in Gaza who lost her entire family.

2 Unite All was first released in November of 2014 and has now blossomed into two volumes with new tracks of peace and unity from Roger Waters, Phillip Lawrence (of Bruno Mars), Thomas Bergersen and Richard Gannaway with a Gaza Children’s Choir.

Amongst the 30 songs are those written and performed by famous artists including Peter Gabriel, Stewart Copeland, Serj Tankian, Sasha Cooke, Gary Nicholson and Fox Lima.

Steve Robertson, Executive Producer of the album and CEO of Project Peace On Earth (PPOE), started the 2 Unite All project after watching a harrowing TV news report about a young Palestinian girl hospitalized after a bombing in Gaza. She lost her entire family and Robertson was so moved that he pledged to offer as much help as possible.

Robertson contacted dozens of musicians and produced the 2 Unite All album and a video of the song Haumea (We Are The Ones)’, performed by the NCCR Gaza Children’s Choir.  According to Robertson: “The 2 Unite All album is a collection of musical prayers to celebrate the goodness of the Palestinian and Israeli people.  Each song is a prayer for greater love, forgiveness and togetherness which, we believe, is the vision that Palestine and Israel can model for us all…a vision of world peace.”

Philip Lawrence explained why he wrote the song ‘Begin Again’ for 2 Unite All Vol. 1. “Knowing there are children and families in the world who have experience lives of pain, trauma, violence, injustice and feelings that they’ve been forgotten simply breaks my heart and should never be tolerated … I wanted to be part of this album to use my God given gifts to give these children and families some peace even if only for a moment. In the end we are all one family and those are all my children, brothers and my sisters.”

The Mayor of Bethlehem, Vera Baboun, said, “We so deeply support Steve and PPoE’s latest Gaza initiative which gives a voice to the voiceless and upholds the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for all humanity.  The PPoE new 2 Unite All album features a precious group of children from Gaza, who live in life or death danger every day. Can you imagine? Of all the children in the world, these are the ones who had the courage to sing out a message of hope to remind us of the power of love and peace.”

She continues, “Haumea proclaims the message ‘We are the voice of One, We are the way to peace, We are the ones who carry the forward light’ …We, the city of Bethlehem and the people of Palestine echo the vision of this song’s message…We proclaim Bethlehem and Palestine will carry forward this light of love as a future global center for peace and reconciliation.  Philip Lawrence’s new song, “Begin Again” for the 2 Unite All Gaza benefit album moved me to tears.  It serves to remind our world that it is indeed time for us all to Begin Again.”

2 Unite All proceeds will fund medical and psychological assistance for Palestinians in Gaza and people in the Middle East region. Beneficiaries are listed at

Interviews are available with Steve Robertson (CEO of Project Peace on Earth and 2 Unite All Producer), Ricky Kej (Producer), Mr. Khaled Abuzaid (NCCR Founder) and select musicians.